"I had a wonderful experience with Chaya and am so grateful that she was there to help and support me in one of the most difficult (yet rewarding) experiences of my life. Chaya was there for EVERY contraction to massage and press on my back in counter-acting the pressure. When I had to make decisions, Chaya was there to talk me through them and help me to come to the best decision. I was in labor for about 18 hours and from the moment we stepped into the hospital, Chaya was the best guide, companion, and friend I could ask for! She clearly had only my best interest in mind and exhibited her care and concern for my well-being throughout the labor. We were up all night and her tireless efforts are so very much appreciated! She is a wonderful birth coach and I am so glad to have had such a great experience with her. I thank her so very much for doing such an amazing job!"

-B. R. 

"This was my sixth birth. Out of all our birthing experiences with a coach, this time was the best."

-D. L. Birth in Hospital

"Chaya helped keep my spirits up during a really rough few days for me (waiting for an induction)- she supported me emotionally and physically. She gave me great massages and even got me to enjoy going on the birth ball which I had sworn I'd never go on again."

-R. F.

Chaya is a caring, knowledgeable, and empowering doula! I moved to the US 8 months pregnant with my first baby. Chaya met with me before the birth to discuss and educate me. She encouraged me to compose a birth plan and gave me examples. She didn’t push her wishes for the birth, but rather encouraged me to explore my desires for my birthing experience. Even though I ended up having an emergency c-section (baby was in distress, but was born healthy), Chaya was with me in the hospital supporting me and immediately post-party as well. Our doula relationship didn’t end there as we had 2 follow-up meetings at home to support me in adjusting to motherhood and my healing processs (physically and emotionally). She is an excellent doula and I highly recommend her!

-A. S.