Birth Doula Package:

Two prenatal meetings, labor kit including essential oils and other goodies for labor and postpartum, labor and birth support, up to two hours of help with initial breastfeeding and settling down after the birth, and one postpartum meeting at your home.

Help with creating your ideal birth plan (birth goals).

Informational support and advice during pregnancy and postpartum through phone and e-mail. If additional meeting is needed it can be scheduled at an additional fee.

Virtual Coaching and Birth Planning


Are you pregnant and feeling nervous or anxious for your upcoming birth? Have you had a traumatic birth experience in the past that you're still trying to process? Are you very much wanting a positive birth experience? Or are you just feeling overwhelmed and want guidance? If you've answered yes to any of these questions than I can help you. Please reach out for a free consultation.

What is virtual prenatal and birth coaching/planning?
We'd work one on one together prenatally over zoom to fit your individual needs. These are some of the things that we'd work on together as applicable and depending on how many sessions you book:
•Process past birth related trauma
•equip yourself with coping techniques and tools for your upcoming labor and birth
*the more you know the less you fear*
•create your birth plan and goals
•mindset shifting and relaxation techniques
•informational resources and handouts
•gain knowledge and education on what to expect and how to make informed decisions during labor, birth, and postpartum.

Knowledge is power!
My goal is to help my clients feel empowered and have positive birth experiences no matter what happens.

**This does not replace a birth doula or childbirth education. Those are services I offer separately. Coaching is done prenatally in preparation for birth.

Massage Therapy Options:

60 minute or 90 minute full body massage in your home.

Choose from swedish, prenatal, induction, or postpartum massage.

Birth Preparation Class (private one day class in your home or online virtual option):

Will cover the following topics:

Basic Anatomy

Common Discomforts of Pregnancy and What You Can Do About It.

Health and Nutrition During Pregnancy

Prenatal Exercises

Ways to Prepare Yourselves Emotionally and Physically for Labor and Birth.

What to Expect During Labor and Birth.

Coping Methods for Labor and Contractions.

Breastfeeding Basics

Postpartum Care for Mom and Baby.


Placenta Encapsulation (raw method):


Decreased risk of postpartum depression

Reduced risk of postpartum anemia

Increase in breastmilk production

Reduction in postpartum bleeding

Balance your hormone levels

Increase postpartum energy levels

This is your birth experience, you choose and I support.