• Chaya Hagler

Letter to a Postpartum Mom

Dear Doula,

I struggle a lot during pregnancy and finally feel good after giving birth. I have been told by numerous people to take it easy, and stop refusing help. Is it okay for me to go about my regular activity despite what I'm being told by others? Thank you.


Dear Anonymous,

Congratulations on the recent addition to your family. I'm so happy to hear that you're feeling good and that your recovery is going well. What I like to remind my clients postpartum is that they have a large wound on their uterus the size of the placenta (think of a large dinner plate) that is now scabbed over and trying to heal. The six weeks postpartum is considered the fourth trimester and is a crucial healing time. Even if you're feeling well overall it is important to be careful not to overdo it, not to lift heavy items or children, and to get frequent rest or naps if possible. Be mindful of this and treat yourself with care. You definitely want to avoid backfire caused by overdoing it. It's so important for both your physical and emotional health to take it easy postpartum and give yourself the chance to heal. Don't feel ashamed to accept help as this is the time it's very much needed. Try to enjoy your baby as much as possible while also giving yourself breaks to shower and rest up. I wish you a smooth transition. You've been through a lot recently even if you may not feel that way currently. Treat yourself kindly so you can fully recover and continue to have the energy you are having.


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