About Chaya:

Chaya is a birth doula, massage therapist, VBAC trained doula, childbirth educator and placenta encapsulation provider. She always had a strong interest in hearing different labor and birth experiences especially as a young girl. She heard various different birth stories; some full of regret or sadness and some joyful and empowering. After doing lots of her own exploring and reading she felt she wanted to help more women have positive and empowering birth experiences.

She started out as a doula in 2010, first in Israel and then in the New York and New Jersey area. Chaya has supported moms at hospitals, birth centers, and homes. She has attended births ranging from first time moms to moms having their sixth child and all from various backgrounds.

Chaya's training comes from Lander Institute and Bikur Cholim Hospital, Anthem Institute, Midwifery apprenticeship, and The VBAC Link.

Out of the many modalities Chaya uses to help women throughout labor she found that one of the most helpful and desired one during labor was massage therapy. She wanted to be properly trained in order to better assist her clients. She attended Anthem Institute in New Jersey for her massage therapy training; graduating in September 2012. Chaya moved to Houston with her husband Yaakov in March 2013. They have two children both born at home.

Chaya’s favorite motto is "A positive birth experience is having your mind and body working together". Her goal when working with her clients is to help them achieve a positive birth experience; whatever the situation or outcome that they come away feeling strong and empowered.

When not involved with birthy stuff Chaya enjoys spending time with her family, outdoors, hiking, camping, and reading.

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